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Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Hilleberg 5 XP Tarp

Got a Hilleberg 5 XP in yesterday's mail. From reading the specs on Moontrail's website it looked to be the perfect size for the style of shelter I would be most likely to pitch on a regular basis. The Hilleberg XP tarps use Sil-Polyester and the UL tarps use Sil-Nylon. For the extra 6 oz. of the XP I'll take the extra UV resistance and tear strength.

Having been to the fabric store and shopping for ripstop nylon to make my own tarp I know that I would have spent nearly as much for material as the Hilleberg cost and I wouldn't have had the stitching, the sil-polyester material, OR the lifetime warranty Hilleberg offers.

  • Packs down SMALL and compresses even further
  • Green color easier to blend in to surroundings
  • Comes with guylines already attached
  • 18 oz. for almost 5 feet X 11.5 feet (1.45m X 3.5m)
  • Sil-polyester feels nice and sturdy
  • Tie-outs have metal/hard plastic rings for durability


  • Guylines were a rat's nest when I pulled the tarp out of the stuff sack and had to be unknotted and retied
  • A bit smaller (narrower) than anticipated

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. Once I get it outdoors and pitched a time or two I may be able to come back here and revisit my pros/cons list and revise. For $50 though I'd say you'll be hard-pressed to beat the apparent value as long as you're comfortable with a minimalist shelter.

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