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Friday, April 28, 2006

Found it

The blog magic is still working. I finally found the Salish after two days of looking.

I had narrowed down the list of places I hadn't looked to a small handful and it was, of course, in one of those places.

My plans for the coming weekend may have gotten a bit screwed up today.

I was putting an elastic band in my daughter's hair when it broke and flew straight into my left eye scratching my cornea. This is the third time my left cornea has been scratched and, while painful, is more of an inconvenience down the road while the cornea is healing and the vision becomes blurry due to the scar tissue.

Oh yeah, I'm left-eye dominant so my depth perception is completely out of whack and driving is quite a challenge.

I've just GOT to get outdoors soon or I'll bust.

Again, I apologize for the complete lack of outdoorsy thoughts/information over the past several days. I will do my best to get something interesting up here in the next couple.

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