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Friday, April 21, 2006

Planning for the weekend

Let's see, this weekend I'm home alone so I've got plenty of time to get out in the woods...or the back yard.

I'm going to play around with various natural tinders to see what I can start with the spine of my knife and a firesteel.

I've found the tripod so I can (hopefully) take some pictures of the materials in their natural state and in various configurations (fluffed, shredded, etc.) We'll see if I can't identify some of them also.

I'd also like to take apart my Doug Ritter Personal Survival Kit (PSK) and play with the components. Doug suggests getting into the components of a bought kit just to familiarize yourself with them and I think that's an excellent idea.

I don't yet know what the weather forecast is going to be for the weekend but there may be an overnight outdoors in my near future.

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