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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Learned the Trucker's Hitch and Timber Hitch yesterday. Using both hitches I can now pitch a ridgeline so taut that I can play it like a bass string.

It seems like only a few months ago I was so inept at tying knots that I climbed into my hammock only to find myself butt-first on the ground. Now I can pitch a tarp, hang a hammock, and guy out my shelter with a handful of knots that work in several situations.

Here's what I use and where I use it:
  1. Sheet Bend--Attach line to guyout points on my tarp
  2. Klemheist--locking knot tied to ends of tarp to keep ridgeline taut
  3. Clove(r) hitch--Tent stakes
  4. Tautline Hitch--Guylines
  5. Timber Hitch--Attach line under tension to tree
  6. Trucker's Hitch--Put tension on ridgeline
  7. Half Hitch--Finishing knot for lots of other knots

A few months ago I couldn't have told you what these knots were let alone what they'd be used for and now I can tie them without hesitation.

I enjoy tying knots. I've tied sinnets/sennits as lanyards on keys, knives, flashlights, etc. I've made a few monkey's fist necklaces. It's something that can challenge the dexterity as well as the mind. It passes the time. It's FUN!

After my hand surgery (ruptured tendon in my right hand) I find tying knots and making cordage to be very therapeutic and good for hand strength and dexterity. Frankly, I wish my therapist had recommended it to me long before I came upon it by accident.

I'll go into some of these knots in the coming days because I feel it's important to know how to tie a few knots in the outdoors for various reasons.

Maybe I'll even get the camera and tripod out to shoot it tutorial style.

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