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Monday, April 17, 2006

Execution of the plan

My theory TOTALLY worked.

What I didn't do yesterday was give the fuzz time to dry out. It had been wet (weather-wise) and the outside wood was a little damp. My plan was to tuck that fuzz inside my shirt at the beginning of the hike to allow my body heat to dry it out. I forgot to do that until we were already set up in camp.

Today I tried the same thing but remembered to allow the fuzz a little time to dry out. It took maybe a dozen strikes with the Delta Traveller but once I got a spark into the tinder it took off. There was no smouldering ember but it jumped immediately to a flame. It actually went fast enough that I now have slightly charred fingers.

This method is beneficial because it will work with any type of wood. I just picked up a dead branch yesterday and today and both would light. The scraping creates light airy pieces which more readily accept the spark and allows enough oxygen to get into the tinder to get the flame established.

I wish I'd brought the camera.

I'll get some more fuzz and lay out a "tutorial" later this week. Watch this space for updates.

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