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Monday, September 12, 2016

Solo Stove Titan

Here's something I've been playing with for the past week or so. It's the Solo Stove Titan from Solo Stove--a wood gasification stove.

You load it up with twigs and sticks, ignite your tinder, and the gas produced by burning wood is "double burned" through a process called gasification.

This one, the Titan, nests perfectly inside the Zebra 14cm Loop Handle Pot (also known as the Zebra Billy) but you have to remove the bowl. It comes in a stuff sack which is nice because it will prevent the spread of soot once the stove gets nice and dirty.

Solo Stove also offers some lightweight pot options but I already had "old reliable" here so I purchased the stove that would fit best.

I brought 1L of cold water to a boil relatively quickly (VERY non-scientific test) and had plenty of fire left over before reloading and I've tried various methods to overload the canister to see if I could prevent the stove from working properly. Just like fire-building, proper preparation is important (i.e. don't throw big chunks of wet wood in and expect this thing to light with a single match) but having tinder, kindling, and fuel wood WILL lead to success and sub-optimal fuel will burn once you've got the stove running.

I highly suspect that burning charcoal briquettes (or chunk charcoal) would work equally well in this stove and will be trying that a bit later this week so I can do some cooking. You can see down into the stove here as the initial load has burned to coals and the new wood is beginning to light.

I don't have enough time under my belt yet with this stove to know just how flexible it is but I've been impressed so far.

It weighs 16.5 ounces, is made of 304 stainless steel and nichrome wire, and packs down to 5.6" high and 5.1" wide. There are two other sizes (one larger; one smaller) to choose from also.

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