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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morakniv 511

The Mora 510s may be gone but the 511s are still going strong and you can see the similarity between the two models. My well-worn 510 is at the top and the new 511 is beneath.

The handle is more of a maroon color on the 511 and there is a finger guard but, otherwise, the knives are nearly identical.

I do detect a bit of difference in the thickness of the two handles with the thicker handle going to the 511 and I have noticed that a 510 will drop into the 511 sheath with rattle in every direction.

The markings are different but that reflects the merger more than anything else so I would suspect the 510 would be marked the same way if it had survived.

I picked up a handful of the 511s for the scouts to use as the finger guard gives an extra degree of safety while we're still working out the kinks on basic knife usage. The longer the Whittlin' Chip and First Aid badges remain separate the better. :)

Gratitude goes out to Ragnar at Ragweed Forge for his assistance.

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At 5:36 PM, Anonymous mac said...

I found the #440 Sports Knife works well for smaller (kid) hands. I got one for each of my children, in their colors no less. Also from Ragnar.

The guard is a little smaller, but it's on both sides. It doesn't interfere with placing the thumb on the spine either. As an added bonus, it's stainless (and holds a decent edge).


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