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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Two Blanket Bed

When colder weather approaches, a second blanket is in order.

You could just double the layers as in yesterday's tutorial but Jaeger has a special method for two blankets that gives you a warm and less-bulky solution.

Again, this would be ideal with wool blankets but we're going to mix it up to make it easier to see what's going on in each step.

First, you're going to need two blankets. Here I'm using the German Army and Israeli Army surplus wool blankets.
Step 1: Lay one blanket out flat and the other folded lengthwise putting the fold on the edge of the first like so.
Step 2: Fold under the excess of the top blanket.
Step 3: Bring the extra from the bottom blanket back across the top of the top (German) blanket.
Step 4: Tuck the bottom under your feet and sleep snugly all night.
The two-blanket method gives you two layers underneath, two layers above, and four layers under your feet.

If your blankets are big enough and you can fold them in thirds like the one-blanket method, you can really stay warm on those cold nights. Just keep the open sides opposite one another and you'll keep out the cold.

One more tip: If you're going to use a ground pad, I'd suggest putting it on the bottom blanket just before laying down the top (German) blanket in Step 1. That way it'll stay securely within your "cocoon" while offering you protection from the cold, hard ground.

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