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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Behold! The Igloo (Sort of...)

We spent yesterday building an igloo with the Girl Scouts.

We only had 90 minutes and suffered a few setbacks along the way but I think they all had fun and our "fort" is still able to be converted into an igloo with a bit of work.

We had a couple of workers stumble through the walls and the quality of the snow wasn't quite where we would have wanted it for the ideal igloo but 90 minutes of work netted us a very windproof shelter that we could cover with a tarp.

Also, it's big.

I asked two girls to lay down in the snow and the rest of the troop to walk around them to define the size of shelter needed and somehow the diameter grew and grew until it would comfortably fit 8 kids...

The kids and I sat down this morning and I suggested that we could take it down, recut the blocks, and rebuild a smaller shelter complete with a dome and they really just want to use it as a fort so we'll have to leave it as is for now.

We're getting some nice snow this morning that should help to fill in the cracks and hold everything together too.

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