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Friday, September 10, 2010

Yep, this is the setup

I mentioned recently how the DMT diamond stones work so well.

I'm now using the 8" Coarse and Fine Dia-Sharps and find it almost ridiculous how well and quickly they work.

As super steels like 3V and S30V come to market it's harder and harder to bring the edge up on water stones or oil stones in a reasonable amount of time. Now I enjoy the slow process of sharpening and the meditational aspects of it but these DMT stones take a job and reduce it to a handful of strokes.

I touched up the ParaMilitary last night on the Fine stone with 8 strokes a side and then a quick stropping and it'll just pop the hairs off my arm. Today it was a 3V Koster that came up to crazy sharp just as quickly.

These two stones and a JRE strop loaded with compound may be all I need in my travel sharpening kit. Heck, they may be all I need period.

Sure, I have a room full of sharpening gadgets, stones, jigs, etc. but these two stones and the strop have been fantastic and super efficient of late and I'm going to stick with them for a bit to see if they're really the solution to my sharpening requirements.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back to Life?

I sure hope so.

Nothing to write about so far today...

The kids are back to school, Sarah and I are just hanging out waiting for someone to show up, and we're working on putting a dinner together.

I think we're going to start taking some long walks/hikes tomorrow and that should bode well for the future of this blog.

We'll see you soon...

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