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Friday, August 27, 2010

Whoops! Sorry.

I wrote a while back that I'd detail my procedure for restoring a knife.

Today I had a guy drop off an older handmade Scandi knife that was in desperate need of some TLC. It was dull and rusty but showed lots of potential and he said it had been a great knife for a long time.

So, I pulled out the stones and tried to clean it up. The 1000 Grit stone was too fine for the early work so I went back to a 220 to set the bevels. This showed me two things.

First, the edge was actually done on a large wheel as there was a slight hollow down the middle of the bevel when I began flattening it.

Second, the blade was laminated and the lamination line really popped at 220 Grit when I got it nice and flat.

After working for quite some time at 220, I moved up to the 1000 Grit stone to refine the bevel and begin to put some polish on it.

Then it was the 4000 Grit and 8000 Grit stone before many, many passes on the strop loaded with Black Magic.

Now it's SHARP, the edge is like a mirror, and the knife's owner is more than pleased with the kind of edge he got back in just an hour or so.

I coated the entire knife with mineral oil just to keep rust away and he's already got it back in action.

Fun times.

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