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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laconico EDC

I got a new knife from Ray Laconico yesterday. It's what he calls his EDC (Every Day Carry) and it sports green micarta handles, an 1/8" thick Carbon Steel blade, 2 7/8" of blade length, and a very handy overall size.

The knife shipped with a handmade leather sheath set up for right-hand carry and it drops into a pocket easily. I think I will probably send the knife off for a lefty sheath at some point but the knife itself really fills a niche.

I've been in the market for a small fixed blade for some time and have tried the Izula, the Becker Necker, the Koster W&SS neck knife, the Fallkniven WM1, the Swamp Rat Swamp Warden, etc. and all have their strengths and weaknesses and none have yet found a spot in my regular rotation.

This one could possibly be the one. It fits well in the hand without being too big or too small.

Ray has the edge wicked sharp so it cuts whatever I've put in front of it so far. The spine is also nicely squared and will throw massive showers of sparks from my Light My Fire Army firesteel rod.

The Carbon Steel blade (O1? 1095?) will take a patina which is something I really like to see on my users and the micarta handles will survive the humidity of summer and the dryness of winter without dimensional change like some wood handles have done.

Being non-stainless, rust may become an issue so I'm going to use the heck out of it right away to get that protective patina going.

I hope the next time you see it it'll have lots of color on the blade.

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At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Art said...

Nice one! This knife is appropriate for camping. Very handy and for sure this will fit to every campers out there, like me! We have the same concern when buying steel products. Would it be rust-free throughout the year? So I still opt for the good quality that offers stainless,rust-free products.


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