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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seems So Long Ago

Even though there's still the smell of woodsmoke in my nose and the burning in my eyes it seems like a lifetime ago that I spent the day outside sitting near the campfire testing the Fehrman Shadow Scout and generally enjoying life.

I need those mental breaks and I don't get very many of them any more.

It's not cabin fever that I'm suffering, it's something similar though. Every glance out the window causes my mind to wander to those experiences in the woods.

The kids are older now and don't want to spend their time learning about nature and how to make the most of your surroundings if they can be sledding or building snowmen. Sarah's still too small to spend much time "out there" with me. That leaves me trying to find the time to get out by myself--no small task I assure you.

The Cub Scouts are scrapping their plans for a game of broom ball tomorrow night and we're now going on a night hike. It's another opportunity for me to teach not only the 11 Tiger Cubs but the other 50 or so boys in the Pack.

I've already loaded my cell phone with animal sounds we'd be likely to encounter in the quiet woods. It'll be anything but quiet out there tomorrow night with 60 boys and their parents but there's still a chance I can call in an owl or two if we're lucky. I want every moment these boys spend in the woods to be memorable.

I've got all the cameras ready to go but don't know what kind of results I'll get shooting at night. My video camera does have night shooting mode an a small LED to improve lighting but I haven't tried it yet.

We'll all see together on Friday how it went. :)

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