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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winterize the Van Kit

It's that time of year again. The gloomy weather, the shorter days, the colder nights, and the increased likelihood of being outside mean that it's time to include some warming gear in the van kit for the next several months.

The first addition? My favorite German Army wool blankets (2) and my Beans72 buckwheat pillow. Second, the old Swedish Army Trangia (until something can come along and displace it) with some additional shelf-stable foods like bagged tuna, rice and beans, and Clif Bars. Water and Gatorade will be switched due to the higher freezing point of the latter. I'll still bring water but in lesser quantities. Also, I'll add hot chocolate powder or Abuelita chocolate squares.

What amazes me is the number of times I'll dip into this gear during the cooler months. The kids LOVE hot chocolate outside and I really enjoy being the kind of dad who can provide it for them anywhere and at any time. Impress your kids' friends, bring your camp stove and soup mix or hot chocolate and warm it up somewhere far from the kitchen.

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