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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woods in Transition

Yesterday's hike revealed that the end of winter may be nearer than expected. Plants are starting to break through the surface of the remaining snow, the streams are beginning to thaw, and what's left out there is melting into slippery slush which, combined with the mud, makes for some difficult walking.

As a matter of fact, I managed to find a sizable divot on the way out yesterday hidden under the snow and as I stepped into it my knee made a loud popping noise and I was immediately made aware (like, OUCH!) that I may have just done something bad to my knee.

I limped out and got home to ice and elevate my leg but it's still hurting me this morning. I'm going to try and take it easy today and see how it goes.

I went out with Laura's new camera (Nikon S210) and the new video camera yesterday and got this picture of my Fallkniven F1 with the camera (a darned good point and shoot that fits in a shirt pocket) and some video that I'll try and put together today that'll give you a better feel for what I was seeing.

With temperatures in the 40s and more rain in the forecast I can't picture the snow sticking around much longer. Then again, it could well dump more snow on us. It is only February after all.

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