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Monday, December 15, 2008


It's been very windy here now for two days.

We had 54° yesterday and today it feels like -14° with the wind chill. That's quite a swing in a few hours.

The roads are icy.

I put up a tarp shelter yesterday and hung my deer head from the ridgeline. It's started rapidly decomposing and needed to be removed from the garage before my wife put my head out there in a bucket. LOL!

It's hanging very high to discourage coyotes and other meat eaters from trying to pull it down and snack on the smelly goodness.

I hope it'll be frozen soon so I can toss it in the cooler and store it until I can get it to the taxidermist.

The wind is so strong that it keeps pulling my guylines out of the ground. The clove hitches I've used on the pegs held fast a freed metal peg swinging wildly in the wind is NOT a fun thing to play with. I've finally (I hope) got the problem licked though by putting logs over the pegs and adding additional central guylines to distribute the load a little more.

Oh, and my Filson Merino Wool cap is aces for this kind of weather. It may actually keep my head a little too warm in all but the stiffest breeze. Good stuff!

Anyway, it's been tough to get back into "bushcraft mode" after so much time spent hunting and processing my venison and pheasant. The freezer's full but I need to get back out there and into the more relaxed mindset--hard to do when you're just trying not to freeze.

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At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a thought deer meat with zero fat added will last a long long time ive had it last over a year,but add beef or pork fat and the storage time goes way down,storing it with fat also gives it in our opinion an off taste ,we never add fat at all even when cooking but if you want that taste my thought would be to add fresh fat when cooking,just a thought,but to each his own thanks chris from al.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Thanks for your comment Chris.

I've already added fat to the 33 pounds of ground meat though. :)

I'm hoping that vacuum sealing the meat will help to preserve it for a very long time. I've had great success in the past with various pork and beef cuts done the same way.

Changing the way the meat tastes is a concern for me. Every time an ingredient is added you stand a chance of ruining the "natural" taste of the meat.

This whole process is part of the learning curve for me. There are definitely things I'll do differently on the next deer and there are things I'll just do better.

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