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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tropical Hiking

I'm working on a minimal kit for hiking in the Tropics (specifically Florida.)

I think I'm going to be taking the following items:

1. 12" Tramontina machete that has been reground and sharpened
2. Victorinox Farmer
3. Guyot Designs 38 oz. stainless bottle
4. Light My Fire Army Model Firesteel
5. A couple (2) contractor grade garbage bags

I might also take my Fallkniven F1 as I just can't seem to get outside without it but it doesn't seem like it'd be necessary.

The area where I hike is known to have panthers, alligators, venomous snakes, and many more benign animals like armadillo, rabbits/hares, cows, and lots and lots of birds.

The last time I hiked the trails there was still massive hurricane damage and trail markers were missing so maybe some of those problems have been fixed. If not, I'll bring my compass along to keep myself from being lost.

The area is rich in natural resources so I know I can find water and some edible plants along the way. The water will need to be boiled or chemically treated but both options are simple enough. 38 oz. may be enough though depending on the temperature and humidity.

What am I missing? I've got a few more days to plan so overlooked items can be added easily enough at this point.

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At 8:00 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Good idea.

I almost always have some cordage on my person but bringing along some paracord could make my life a little easier.




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