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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Army Trangia Stove

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Swedish Army Trangia Stove, in either iteration (stainless or aluminum,) is a truly fantastic bit of kit.

I've used my setup in locations too varied to mention and it has always impressed with its ruggedness, design, and simplicity.

I have thousands of dollars worth of Titanium, Aluminum, and stainless mess kits and cooksets and I find myself always tossing the Trangia into the pack before I leave. It's the one that's been the dirtiest and has seen the most use and now has the most character.

My Zebra 12cm Billy Can is in a close second place but it doesn't have the flexibility the Trangia does. I can use it over a burner, open fire, or coals but it requires some work first. The Trangia is ready for any heat source as quickly as you can set it up.

There's just something about that rough green paint and the clank of the bail that lets me know I'm headed for the woods.

I like this setup so much that I built emergency car kits out of them for friends and family last winter. You can store additional survival gear in your stove and, when paired with a knife, could find yourself well-prepared for a quick overnight.

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