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Friday, May 30, 2008


Sick or not it's a perfect day to get out there in sandals or bare feet and feel the wet mud squish through your toes.

We've been getting rain on and off since early this morning but it's still fairly warm.

Jake is in the habit of jumping in every mud puddle he sees whether it's before school or after and he's prepared to deal with the consequences of wet shoes, a hollering father, and muddy pants.

After being sick for so long, and feeling so terrible for the last part of it, I decided to take a page right out of Jake's book and headed for a nice gooey patch of mud this morning and tromped right through it. I think he may be on to something here.

Sure there might be some creepy crawlies down in there and there might be some cooties too. Mud around here is, however, highly unlikely to host anything but maybe a few sticks and bugs--nothing to cause even a moment's hesitation.

As I was hosing off my feet I was thinking about all those things that make me want to prevent Jake from his mud puddle world tour (dirty laundry, wet feet, etc.) I had to laugh. He's not worried about all that stuff. All he's worried about is making sure he isn't missing a single puddle going to school, coming home from school, or anywhere in-between.

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At 3:29 AM, Anonymous said...

Md squishing through toes are a necessary part of the full life! If you haven't done this you are not living life to the fullest.

In fact, exposure to "dirt" is of great benefit to the immune system. Thats a fact. The earths clean dirt is good for you!

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my preacher says and with 4 kids ive found it to b true PICK YOUR if u bitch and gripe about everything life is terrible 4 u and the kids .purple hair will regrow clothing styles will change and the world will continue to turn.sometimes as the bushman noticed we can learn an awful lot from our kids.dont blink just like that their 20 years old.cheers chris from al.


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