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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Natural Cycle and the Body's Internal Clock

Sometimes I find myself falling into a more natural rhythm with complete disregard for the clock.

Not having a regular 9-5 job can have that affect but it seems to be more than that.

After sleeping out on Saturday night and waking every 40 minutes or so during the night I found myself much more interested in listening to my body than just relying on what time my watch told me it was.

I went to bed last night immediately after tucking the kids in because I was tired. At 3:15 this morning I woke up because I wasn't tired any more. I started to do the things I didn't finish last night (mundane things like laundry and cleaning up the kitchen) but I also had an opportunity to experience the first bird songs of the morning, a coyote loping through the back yard, the frogs singing in the wetlands, and an amazing sunrise through the trees.

Will I be tired by noon today? Maybe. But it was worth it.

I wish I could listen to my internal clock more often but I'm afraid there is just too much "stuff" in my life that lives and dies by the schedule and, therefore, so do I.

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At 6:57 AM, Anonymous said...

A few years ago when I was single and self-employed I explored allowing my natural clock to take over. My sleep times became 7:30pm to 4am with an hour nap at about 10am. I felt extremely rested when awake and very alert.

Now that I am in a solid relationship and she is on "civilized" time I have had to revert back in order to spend time with her. I can really feel the difference.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sleep far less in the woods (even with a couple of beers inside me.)
I wake up at dawn no matter the season and quite often 2 or 3 times during the night.
I think this is more our natural pattern. Ever see a animal sleep for an 8 hour stretch?
Great post Bri.
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