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Sunday, February 03, 2008


After taking a hike yesterday through the woods behind the house and post-holing it the whole way I decided to take my snowshoes out for a run today.

The weather was perfect for snowshoeing--dry and in the mid-20s.

I've found that wearing my Filson Alaska Guide shirt and my Swanndri Ranger Extreme over a t-shirt is still too much and spent most of yesterday and today on the trail with my sleeves rolled up, my shirt unbuttoned down a few buttons and my Swannie unzipped completely just to keep from melting down on the trail.

It's been far too long since I got any significant exercise and the effort of hiking/snowshoeing from one end of the trail to the other (maybe two miles each way) is quite draining.

Yesterday it took me an hour to go one way and it had gotten late enough that I had to hike on the street to get home--not exactly the "wilderness adventure" I was hoping for. The police were sitting at the trailhead as if they were waiting for me when I popped out of the woods yesterday (the parks and preserves close at dusk and it was dusk or later when I came off the trail.)

Today I made much better time. The snowshoes made a significant difference allowing me to move more over the snow than through it.

Going a certain way on the trail takes you fairly close to the expressway so getting lost isn't much of a concern. The traffic noise does take a bit away from the feeling of being "out there."

The north end of the trail brings you to one of the village's many parks and one of the few places in the village outside of private property where building a fire is allowed. There's a nice outdoor fireplace inside a shelter but it's padlocked and getting access is something I'll have to investigate. The shelter is also infested with voles and their tiny tracks are everywhere and very easy to see as nobody has been in the shelter since the snow other than yours truly.

What a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise all at the same time. Plus, I've broken no rules this weekend. :)

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