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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Went for a Hike

There is a wooded preserve behind the new house that has plenty of paths but not much foot traffic. I've hiked here several times and have never seen so much as a sign that someone else has been out.

The temperatures had been cool most of last week but started to warm again on Sunday and was as high as 80 degrees again yesterday. The warmer temperatures bring back the mosquitoes and the preserve has enough ponds and streams to make the mozzies a constant nuisance. Interestingly, since starting my daily routine of Vitamin B1 and Garlic Oil I've been harassed by the mosquitoes but rarely bitten and when I do get a bite it just doesn't itch. Still, I look for wild plantain whenever I have a chance.

Following on my new methodology of less gear I took a camera, a knife, and my tree ID books. I was specifically looking for those hard to find trees like birch and cedar. Both trees are used by landscapers but neither seems to occur naturally in our woods.

Wildlife was a bit hard to come by. I heard the occasional squirrel or chipmunk running through the brush but nothing much to speak of in the way of deer, coyote, or even snakes. I did, however, manage to catch this butterfly taking a break. He wasn't in any hurry to take off once I got down next to him with my camera. I suppose he thought I deserved the shot as I was being swarmed by mosquitoes as I held still enough to snap the picture.

I did have a bit of a run-in with a young deer later but that's a story for another day...

I'm finding myself falling back on what I learned from George on the plant walk quite a bit and it's nice to find myself familiar with various edible and medicinal plants that grow like weeds all over my woods. Too bad I missed the wild strawberries before the animals picked the plants clean.

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At 8:34 AM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

Cool! I think you are too far south for "natural" white cedar and birch.

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

Hawthorn supplied the barbs for your fish leister! TRhe wood is hard and strong too- good for tools and firewood. The fruit is usually pretty bland, although some-including those right outside the Field Museum- produce a tasty treat.


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