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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dozier Knives at Vintage Knives

Pup just got in some new knives from Bob Dozier's shop.

Several years ago I approached Bob to make a Pro Guide (one of his larger models) with a different tip as I wasn't a huge fan of the clip point he'd been using. He agreed and the modified Pro Guide was born. In a fit of madness, I gave that knife to a friend and then desperately tried to get another made. My friend Billy "Pup" Cochrane of Vintage Knives is a Dozier Knives Dealer and I convinced him to order up a few at the Chicago Show a few years back. He got in a batch, sold them all, and then ordered some more. Here they are:
Drop Point Pro Guide with tan canvas Micarta handles
Drop Point Pro Guidewith green canvas Micarta handles

Bob makes the Arkansas Traveller as a sort of everyday carry/utility blade and Pup had the brilliant idea to up-size the whole package a bit so this:
Arkansas Traveller
became this:
Delta Traveller

and I had another favorite design from a fantastic maker.

If you've been around here a while you've read my posts on the Delta Traveller (DT) in the past and you'll know that I think it's one heck of a knife. I'm tempted to get my hands on one of the Arkansas Travellers just to determine whether or not the design loses anything in translation either up or down in size. I can't imagine it does but this is the excuse I'll have to give myself...

If these knives appeal to you I'd suggest you jump on them pretty quickly. Doziers don't last long and you're hearing about it here first.

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger The Suburban Bushwacker said...

very nice knives! i was just reminiscing on this mornings post about a very usefull post by pablo where he's written up all the excusses we could ever need for buying more kit, and there you are putting temptation in my way!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger American Bushman said...

Ha ha ha!

They're some phenomenal knives. I'll bet you could skin out your elk with one of those babies pretty easy.

Good luck dealing with the temptation.


Thanks for the comment,



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