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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Took the new Aurora out to The Sanctuary on Sunday and got my first real chance to use it.

Sure, I've used the prototype before but this one is mine. I got green canvas micarta slabs with red liners. The other knife is the Mini Canadian with blaze orange G10 handles. It rides on my belt regularly these days.

The Aurora is really quite a knife and handled the basic chores of campcraft easily. I used it to fell a standing dead sapling, batoned it through the trunk of the sapling to reduce it to useable pieces, drilled several holes, and did some general carving and twig-removal. I also used it for a bit of food prep.

The blade easily handled the jobs I threw at it and would still pop the hairs from my forearm. (Why people do this test is a bit beyond me. I've never wanted to shave my arms while I was out in the woods, or anywhere else for that matter, and certainly never wanted to do it immediately after heavy knife work.) Anyway, the knife was still very sharp.

I wiped it off on my pant leg, put it back in the sheath, and left it there until I got home. The A2 blade has no discoloration, patina, or rust. Keep in mind this is now two days after I got home and there has been no further treatment of the blade.

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