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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Got the Clikstand

Got the Clikstand in yesterday's mail. I must say it's very well put together.

The first thing I did upon receipt was to assemble the unit following the included step-by-step instructions. Easy. Then I grabbed a wire hanger, some wire cutters, and a pair of needle-nose pliers and made myself some small pot adapters in case I wanted to use something like my 10cm Billy Can instead of the 12cm that will rest right on the built-in pot supports.

The windscreen and four-piece clikstand nest inside my 12cm Zebra Billy easily along with my commercial Trangia burner (smaller in diameter than the Military version.) I've also tossed in a 2oz. bottle of denatured alcohol (meths) to run the burner.

This setup is, at present, the one I'll tote around with me on a daily basis. The ability to heat up water or soup regardless of location is something that could come in handy now that the weather has cooled off. Soccer practice, a trip to the zoo, a walk in the park, or set up in a parking lot, I'll be able to brew up a cup of tea or coffee, warm up some soup, fry up a couple of sausages, or even prepare a full freeze-dried meal. Handy.

Of course, the Crusader does have one thing this setup does not--the ability to carry the water within the unit. That's a handy thing and something I'll be looking at in more depth down the road...

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