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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Neck Carry

I've recently taken to carrying a BRK&T Mini Canadian around my neck Nordic style. I hesitate to call it a neck knife because I envision those being carried handle-down rather than blade down as I carry mine.

The original sheath was not conducive to neck carry but the new sheath from JRE Industries works extremely well for this mode. You can see the eyelets around the perimeter that work well with the paracord to make a rig that hangs well, is strong, and darned good looking. (Sure, the orange doesn't go so well with the red shirt but you get the point...)

You may see the small burn mark on the front of the sheath. This is one that I had a hand in finishing at JRE. I was using a soldering iron to melt the ends of the thread and effectively branded my sheath. I had to have it and made a special request to get it. The quality of sheath coming out of JRE is so incredibly good that to get an "irregular" sheath (even one of my own doing) makes it a rarity.

All I've done is run the paracord through the lower hole on one side, back through the upper hole on the same side, around my neck, through the upper hole on the opposite side, and through the lower hole on that side. The ends are tied off with a simple overhand knot, the cord is cut, and burned to prevent fraying. Using two eyelets per side really helps to stabilize the sheath and prevent it from "tipping" over when I move quickly forward or side to side.

I had a firesteel attached to the cord for a short while yesterday but it got to be a bit too much. I've got the guys at JRE working on a method to attach a firesteel right to the sheath that should allow a more discreet carry without adding bulk.

I've got plenty of custom leather from the guys at JRE and have plans for quite a bit more in the future. That, however, is a topic for another day. For a production sheathmaker they put out a product that is as good as (if not better than) any of the custom sheaths I've owned over the past several years.

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