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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knife Maintenance

Found this on the Kellam Website the other day and want to try making one of my own.

"This is a great leather strop tool for that finishing touch that goes a step beyond the capabilities of stone sharpening. It is four strips of specially prepared leather, attached to a 4-sided stick. Great for micro-aligning the edge of your blade for that razor sharp finishing touch. Great for keeping your puukko knife extremely sharp between tasks. Just 4 steps to a dangerously sharp finishing touch. Includes 3 abrasive compounds for each step in the sharpening process."

Here's what I'll need:

  • 10" section of 2X2 lumber

  • 4 pieces of 2" wide leather

  • Contact Cement

  • Polishing compounds (black, green, and white)

  • Sharpie or wood burner for marking the handle

Cut the leather 2" wide by approximately 6" long and glue one piece to each side of the wood. Carve/sand the "handle" portion of the wood until it fits comfortably in your hand. Apply compound to three of four sides. Mark on the handle the order in which to finish (black, green, white, plain.) Done.

When finished I might drill a hole in the handle to hang the whole contraption by a lanyard.

If your edge is severely damaged you can also put a piece of wet/dry paper over the leather and strop your knife back to sharp and then go to the compounds.

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