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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hanging the hammock

It's getting to be that time of year again where I pull out the hammock and hang it in the back yard at our "campsite" so the kids and I can go swing between the trees during the day if the spirit moves us. I've got some ideas this year on pitching a tarp over the hammock using bungees to attach to the hammock lines but it will take some experimentation.

Normally, if you attach your tarp to the same lines your hammock hangs from you'll see the tarp go slack every time you climb into the hammock. That's because you're shortening the distance between the ends of the hammock. Pitching the tarp so it's taut when you're in the hammock would leave it split in two once you climbed out (or at the very least over-stretched.)

My current pitch involves tying the tarp to a ridgeline (timber hitch on one end and trucker's/wagonner's hitch on the other.) Pull the ridgeline taut and, with the tieouts/grommets on the ridgeline, tie klemheists to the ends and bring the peak tight. Then, tie out the guylines using a clove hitch on as many pegs as needed (could be four or could be more.) The bungees would replace the guyline and the klemheists.

This setup will require some time to convince me it is viable. I already know that my current setup will withstand some pretty wicked weather and will require little or no maintenance over a multi-day trip (i.e. adjusting for sagging cordage due to wet and/or cold.)

Time will tell...

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