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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Got a(nother) new knife

After MUCH deliberation this one followed me home. The knife is the BRK&T Snowy River in 12C27 Stainless with blaze orange G10 handles and red and white spacers. The knife just fits my hand.

The reason for such extensive deliberation had more to do with handle choice than any other reason. I had available a natural canvas micarta handle, a natural linen micarta handle, and the blaze orange handle. All three were beauties and I've recently been enamored with the natural canvas material but the orange won out.

The specs:
  • Overall Length:8.125"
  • Blade Length: 4 "
  • Blade Steel: 12C27--58rc
  • Blade Thickness: .129"
  • Weight: 3.375 Ounces.

To describe the knife as light but sturdy would be an understatement. The knife reminds me of the Scandi knives I recently picked up from Ragweed Forge with a few differences. The Mora (Frosts of Sweden and Eriksson) knives are Scandi ground which means the edge continues straight up the bevels to the flat. The Barkies are fully convexed meaning the edge goes all the way up to the spine in a convex shape much like a lens--a VERY sharp lens.

As to which type of edge might be easier to maintain and sharpen, it'd be a toss-up. Both types are fairly simple with just a little bit of know-how and a little courage.

I won't be doing any kind of head-to-head comparisons with the Snowy and one or more of the Mora Knives as they're not apples of the same variety. It'd be akin to testing a machete and a golok. Sure, both will be awesome choppers and capable of other tasks but they're just not "same enough" for me to do a comparison.

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