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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gear Tweaking

I've been busy lately with modifying my gear.

After yesterday's hike, I came home and stripped my Swedish Army Trangia cookset. The paint was clumpy and worn so I coated it with paint stripper, waited, and then scraped and sanded until I was down to shiny stainless steel.

It's smooth now but there are dents all around. If I decide to repaint, it'll go on much smoother than the pink set I made for Laura but I've got some other ideas.

First, I'm going to use it as-is just to see if I mind the shiny stainless tins.

It's funny how making a change to existing gear, much like receiving a knife from the sheathmaker, seems like a new bit of kit but it's actually not.

Seems like an economical way to get something "new"...

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