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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Where to Begin?

I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out just how to get 2009 started here on the blog.

I was hoping to start the year off with a bang but instead have had trouble getting started at all.

The kids' vacation has thrown our schedule right out the window and we spend the day running errands and/or playing rather than doing "the usual." Normally I'd grab a cup of coffee (or three) and sit down to write either early in the morning or right after they hop on the bus. (They're asleep now so I'm taking the opportunity as presented.)

We spent most of the day yesterday at Cabela's and almost managed to walk out empty-handed. The kids like watching the fish in their enormous fish tank, shooting at the shooting gallery, and playing in and on just about every piece of camping and hunting gear in the store. What is it they say about the apple and the tree? LOL!

Just before hitting Cabela's though I ran by JRE Industries to pick up a knife and Spen showed me an orange Victorinox Farmer with a clip. I mentioned that I needed one and he said he had a couple more in stock. When he came back with the knife he also handed me a stayglow plain edge one-hand opener from Victorinox that had the same basic setup as a Rucksack (saw blade, main blade, cap lifter, can opener, corkscrew, and awl) but with a liner lock like the Fireman. I don't know what it's called but I had to have one of those as well. Go for one knife and leave with three. That isn't the first time that's happened to me...

By the way, there are still items listed for the American Bushman Gear Sale and more to still be added if you're looking for a piece of kit that has plenty of life left in it for a decent price.

Maybe it isn't the most explosive start to the new year but it is a start nonetheless. So look out 2009, we're on our way...

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At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

B, you should have called, LE and I would have driven over and met you all at Cabelas. Happy new year to you all.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger backcountrybowhunter said...

How about a few skills writeups? Knots, fuzz sticks, etc. I am still waiting to see your hand drill fire report... But I think you should make your own bow for next fall. Over on one of my favorite threads of all time was the "homegrown hunting equipment" thread from two years ago. All this fellas hunting gear was home made of local matterials. It was GREAT and would take up a lot of blog space. Just a couple ideas.


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