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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Changing Approach

I'm thinking about hiking the Des Plaines River Trail from end to end. It's only 32 miles but I'm going to have to do it out and back in stages to make sure I'm here when the bus comes from school. Each day I'll try to target my turn-around point inside one of the many forest preserves along the trail so I can drive back to that spot the next day to get started again.

There's no camping allowed and one has to be out of the park by sundown anyway so getting on the trail by 8:45 and back by 3:30 is a minor adjustment of the preserve rules and six-plus hours on the trail should be a good workout and help me shake down my pack load a bit.

This will take a few more days to get sorted out but I hope to be able to get started prior to the weekend.

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