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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earn Money for Your Writing

Have you written an outdoor skill tutorial? A review? A short story?

Want to make a few bucks for your time and effort?

George Hedgepeth at Briar Patch Outdoor School and the guys at Woodsmonkey are both looking for writers and videographers to provide them with additional content and both sites are paying for articles. George leans toward the budget side of bushcraft/camping/survival (i.e. visqueen versus SilTarp) and Woodsmonkey is looking for folks with experiences outside the normal sphere (i.e. kayakers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, etc.) but both of them would be the final
judge of an article's acceptance.

I don't think you'll get rich writing but every dollar you get for a review means money toward the next bit of kit you can write up for another dollar. See the logic there? :)

Now I think both sites want exclusive rights to the articles so you should double check with them before submitting the same article to both places. That means you get double the opportunity to be creative though.

Good luck,



At 7:39 PM, Anonymous George Hedgepeth said...

Thanks again buddy! I have several new things ready to go up next week.


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