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Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy Monday

Whew, I'm glad this day's almost in the books...

Mondays are always crazy but the Monday following a weekend out is especially bad. I had an awful lot of stuff to catch up on, needed to follow up with folks I talked to over the weekend, laundry to be washed, etc.

On the bushcrafty side of things I cleaned up the Koster Bushmaster and then got it good and dirty again by breaking down some logs and carving some fuzz sticks. After dinner we used the knife, firesteel, and a dirty napkin to get a fire going in the fire pit--in ONE STRIKE!

The kids were definitely impressed.

I haven't even downloaded the pictures from my camera to see if I've got any worth including in my write-up/first impressions of Blind Horse Knives.

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