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Friday, April 06, 2007

Administrative Duties

I've been spending quite a bit of time lately working on administrative duties with the blog and also around the house. It's really getting in the way of getting outdoors for some adventure but it is also allowing me to learn some things about those of you who visit here.

I'm getting lots of visitors through Google now who are looking at the older posts. I'm also getting a bunch of traffic through Pablo and Sam--Thanks for that guys.

The house goes on the market on Monday so that's one monkey off my back. Today we had the photographer and the realtor in to finish up "staging" the house and most of my gear has been packed off to my parents' house or unceremoniously dumped into bins and stuffed into the crawlspace and garage. Yeah, the house looks great but it's also fun to sit and reflect on the various mess kits, firesteels, backpacks, shelters, and other outdoor gear that I currently own.

I've got my pack loaded at 20.5 pounds and it'll support me for long expeditions if I ever again get the chance to take one. That's shelter, sleeping bag, knife, axe, saw, firesteel, cookset, mess kit, hammock, etc. and I'm plenty comfortable with all the gear to know that I could walk out the door with what I've not packed away and be confident in my ability to handle whatever Mother Nature would throw at me.

Oh, one more thing, one of my regular readers, and good friend, is turning 40 tomorrow. I'm SURE she didn't expect me to post it here for everyone to read but then I'm not one that is so easily figured out. :) (Hint:You can go back to 4/7/2006 and read the post if you want to know just who it is.)

Thanks for reading,



At 9:28 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Thanks Brian!!! You're so the best!! And NOOO I didn't expect you to broadcast the b-day... But Thanks Again!!


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