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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Apple Pickin'

Yesterday, the whole family went apple picking with some friends and we had a blast.

First, you ride behind a tractor to get deep into the orchard. The kids had a blast on this "hay ride" munching on caramel corn and waving to the folks who were already hard at work picking appples.

Next, the tractor driver drops you near the kind of trees you've asked for. We first picked MacIntosh as they're in season, very sweet, and cook up well. We charged off the wagon, into the orchard, and the kids began picking up apples off the ground and throwing them into our bag. Yuck!

Time to establish some ground rules. First, only put apples in the bag that you've personally picked off the tree. Second, eat as many as you want so long as they're also from the tree. Third, leave the apples on the ground right there--on the ground.

I peeled an apple for Jake using my trusty Case Sodbuster and that got the attention of the four other kids who all wanted peeled apples. So, five kids = five apples peeled and distributed. Three or four varieties of apples means that many apples times the number of varieties. (Those kids ate a bunch of apples in the orchard.) I wonder if they realize that apples are good for them...

We took a break from picking to examine a smouldering fire pit someone had left and I explained to the kids how the red-hot coals could easily be coaxed back into flame given the windy conditions and the abundance of fuel nearby. Two of the boys took that as a challenge and promptly fed the fire until it came back to life. Soon the smell of cooked apples and pumpkin filled the air. Not a bad way to end a break.

Once we'd finished filling our bags we headed back up to the parking lot. The kids spent some time riding ponies, riding bikes through a maze, and playing in a sandbox filled with dried corn. We loaded up Jake and Laura (who promptly fell asleep) and drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner.

This has been a good couple of days to get outdoors. We had some rain and some cooler temperatures but, overall, it's been great for a short hike, a bit of a brew up, and a whole lot of fun.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring...

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