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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bark River Mini Axe

Here's one you may not have heard much about. Last year (2005) Bark River Knife and Tool introduced a Mini Axe that outperformed anything in its weight class and many others in heavier classes.

This little wonder is made of 1080 steel, weighs 10 ounces, and comes in around 10.5" long. I've drilled out the handle on mine to accept a lanyard which is missing from the photo as I'd just used it for cordage.

The performance comes from the "Speed Grind" put on by the guys at BRK&T that makes this Mini Axe much like the competition choppers you'd see on ESPN's Lumberjack Challenge. The edge will shave hair and, choking up on the axe's head, you can use it much as you'd use an ulu or similar knife.

Yesterday I pulled the Mini Axe off of my possibles bag and made a fatwood fuzzy stick which I then lit with my firesteel. Choked up on the head, the axe was easily controlled and handled the fatwood with ease.

Something so lightweight and easily carried should become part of my everyday kit. Somehow I've forgotten about the strengths of the Mini Axe as a tool in the woods. It only took a few minutes in-hand yesterday to bring back memories of all the adventures I've had with this Mini Axe in tow.

Unfortunately, I've called several dealers and am finding the Mini Axe to be rarer than hens' teeth. They're still out there but there are only a few (I found 2) to go around. If you don't have one, and you'd like one, you should call your dealer sooner rather than later to try and get one.

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At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Gransfors Mini Hatchet
Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet

"It's small, light and perfectly balanced. It can sharpen a pencil, slice a tomato paper thin, and shave the print right off this page. It will frizz sticks for tinder; cut fine kindling and split small logs. It will fillet a fish, skin a moose, tenderize a steak, turn your pancakes, spread jam and peanut butter; pound tent stakes and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife."

-Cliff Jacobson, Tactical Knives

With a quote like that, it is hard to resist adding the Gransfors Mini Hatchet to your outdoor gear.

Like all the Gransfors Bruks products, the "Mini Hatchet" is of highest quality and excellence. It weighs in at 11.03 oz, and is 10.25 inches in length. It comes with a leather sheath, and the Gransfors 20 year guarantee.
Stock # 1047 Price $143.00 Quantity

At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the Gransfors Bruks axes, I've never found anywhere any information about the steel they are made out of. They do not specify the steel type, nor the chemical composition, nor the steel hardness. So, I'd be tented to trust an axe advertised as "1080 steel" rather than one advertised as generically "forged steel".


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