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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Every Day Carry (EDC)

What you choose to carry every day must offer a balance of portability and utility.

Looking at your lifestyle should help determine what sort of gear you put in your pockets or on your person before leaving the house every morning. For example, if you live in a major metropolitan area you'd be hard pressed to find a reason to carry an axe of any size but it might make some sense in a more rural or wilderness setting.

I have found my EDC to evolve regularly but a few things remain the same day in and day out. More formal occasions or trips to the in-laws' country club prevent the wearing of even small fixed blades and carrying large folders is an unwieldy option.

As long as I'm wearing pants or shorts you will find a few basic pieces of gear on me that could make a huge difference in my ability to get out of a difficult situation and also may come in handy during normal day to day operations. Those things are:

  1. Light My Fire Scout Firesteel
  2. Windmill butane lighter--glow in the dark
  3. Victorinox SwissTool
  4. Two handkerchiefs
  5. Motorola Razr cell phone
  6. Cash and credit cards

When I can't carry the rest of my gear, I'll have a Timbuk2 Metro loaded with the things that might be too bulky to carry on my person (i.e. signal mirror, fixed blade knife, full firestarting kit, first aid kit, etc.) This bag stays in the car if we're going to be nearby and come with me thrown over my shoulder if not. Having used the Metro as a diaper bag it has become a regular part of my "wardrobe" and has never so much as caused a raised eyebrow. Strangers may question why a man is carrying a "purse" but those who know me know that it's "normal."

Having this gear with me on a regular basis means I can head for the woods whenever the mood strikes and I can be comfortable enough knowing that the combined knowledge and gear will get me through most conditions in relative comfort and ease.

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