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Saturday, October 21, 2017

It has been a long while since I really got a chance to play around much so I took some time this afternoon to see if I still had the chops to get a fire started with nothing more than a knife and a metal match and it turns out I DO. :)

I made several feather sticks from birch, fat wood, and some old dead branches I have picked up from the back yard and the sparks from a Bayite 6" X 1/2" rod were enough to get the feathers going with just a few strikes.

Yeah, one glowing spark made contact with my finger at 5500º so OUCH but otherwise I made it out alive and intact.

This knife by AA Forge really works a treat with a ScandiVex edge that has at least been maintained as I've used it even if it wasn't out doing some grand adventure.

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