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Saturday, September 22, 2012

FrogLube CLP

I got a package yesterday from Backup Supply full of FrogLube CLP.  CLP stands for Clean Lube Protect and is the type of product I use for my knives, firearms, and bike drivetrains.

Everything I've heard, which isn't much really, about this stuff says it could be the latest and greatest thing for metal protection and I'm about to put it to the test.

I have a small Sebenza that I carry every day that will be getting fully cleaned today and then all the CRK grease will be replaced with the FrogLube grease.  I will also be putting it on the chain and cogs of my cyclocross bike.  This will be more like the wear and tear a firearm would see in a wartime environment because of all the dust, mud, water, grit, etc. that can get into the links of the chain and wreak havoc on shifting and chain life.

Today should be the perfect day to hit the ground running.  We've had plenty of rain that should turn the trails to a muddy, wet mess and 60 miles of that kind of riding will punish any teflon-based lube or the CLP I normally use on my drivetrain.

Being food-safe is nice since my Sebenza sees so much use peeling and cutting up fruit for the kids.  The Militec grease I use in the pivot doesn't leach out (as far as I know) but having a lube labelled
"All natural. Non-Toxic. Environmentally Green" doesn't hurt.

Plus, it smells minty.  :)

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