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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad Attitude

Sorry for the lack of updates once again...I've been in a mood.

Every morning I sit down and think about what to write and my thoughts turn to a whole host of rants that I figure nobody really wants to hear and so I get up, grab another cup of coffee, and get started on my day away from the blog.

I often wonder, since nobody in my family appreciates those soapbox moments, if you folks ever want to know what sets me off and where I really stand on the perceived "issues" of the day.

We all have opinions and sometimes those opinions can be fairly divisive.  I've never waded into politics, religion, or money because those are the things that seem to cause the biggest, most non-productive arguments and hurt feelings and, frankly, they have no place here.

On the other hand, I could probably go on for pages and pages about the internet "experts" in all things, the rise of the YouTube gurus, and the general misinformation available out there where more often than not people have an axe to grind against some person or manufacturer and use the power of anonymity to push their agenda.

I write this blog much like I live my life.  Say what you want but be prepared to get socked in the mouth for what you say--and believe me, I've been socked in the mouth a few times.  LOL!

Anyway, the 'hawks are in and my supplies are sitting in the garage.  This weekend isn't going to see them done between the birthday parties and the 100 mile bike ride but maybe NEXT weekend...a familiar refrain right?  :)

Thanks for reading,



At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well sir what are your political leanings?Chris from al.

At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're posting again! As far as your attitude, its still a free country right? I'm always interested in seeing/hearing what other people think. Take care, Jeff aka Bushpuukko


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