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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cook 'em if You've Got 'em

If you're storing preps like dried food, rice, and beans you should make darned sure you know several ways to prepare them.

This may seem like common sense but a 30 day supply of dried (or canned) green beans could slowly drive you insane over the prospect of hydrate, heat, and eat with seasonings.

In other words, don't just put the effort into storing plenty of food and water. Spend some time coming up with lots and lots of menus that utilize those ingredients. That way you have plenty of flexibility when it comes time to dig into your supplies. Plus, you may find that there are certain foods you're not presently storing that you'll want to add.

One of the things I buy is 50 pound bags of rice. I cook it so often that I can now tell when it's ready just by sight and sound. I can also use it in a variety of ways from rice pudding to jambalaya to stir fry. It's a fine mix-in with any protein/veg combination and provides you with some carbohydrates.

You can, of course, also eat it all by itself. I like to have 1/3 cup of rice with a little Sriracha (hot sauce,) soy sauce, and sweet chili sauce mixed in. If I've got some green onion (scallion) I can add it for color and flavor and adding some cashews provides fat and protein.

Just like so many other skills, practicing now will make execution under stress that much easier.

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At 9:21 AM, Blogger J. J. Magnum said...

Rice is a good meal filler. Diabetics should stick with brown rice or "basmatic" rice. Large bags (25-50 lb) should be stored for a couple of weeks in the freezer if possible. This eliminates any nasties (bugs). After that I take the time to put it into "unit of use" packaging either in double freezer bags, or vacuum sealed.

I never got the hang of sealing up the rice in one pouch of the vacuum bag and the sauce in another but I know it can be done. This makes it easier to take camping.

I like the cashew and sauce idea, sounds kinda' Thai in nature, which I find delicious.


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