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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Racing Season

After nearly two years of riding myself back into shape the rubber has finally met the road and racing season (cyclocross racing specifically) has finally started.  My wife, 12 year old daughter, and I are racing Saturdays and Sundays every week until the end of November or so with a few races in December and maybe even one in January if we're lucky enough to make it that far.

What is cyclocross you ask? It's like a party with a little off-road bike racing in the middle and it's hopelessly addicting.

At my level the racing is 30-45 minutes of all-out racing followed by some beer. There can be hand-ups on the course (Twizzlers, donuts, s'mores, beer, whiskey, etc.) as well as obstacles like barriers and fly-overs or run-ups.  There is sand, mud, grass, and pavement sometimes.

I mention all of this because it will explain my absence from time to time for the next few months before we really dive back into this blog.  I'll be around and try to write from time to time but my energy is really focused on the kids and racing for a while now.  :)

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